About Us

The core work of the ESCCC Food Bank is to acquire nutritious food, from a variety of sources, and make sure it ends up in the hands of those who need it most. Our mission has alway been to  create a sense of community while we mobilize all available resources to fight hunger.


Volunteering at the ESCCC Food Bank gives people a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. It’s about providing culturally appropriate nutrition while encouraging a connected community.


We have been serving the community since 1994 and have a variety of public and private funding sources and donations as well as an all-volunteer staff that have proven their dedication to serving our community.  We continually seek innovative and efficient strategies to meet our goals.   We foster community support and input, financial as well as soliciting innovative ideas from our clients and the public. With our community support and enthusiastic volunteers, we believe our organization has proved it is sustainable.


We count on neighbors to help neighbors in need. We invite you to step inside. See who we serve. See how we serve. See why we serve, and feel the satisfaction of helping others.

Our Board of Directors

President James Staudacher Organic Farmer
Vice President Clark Lydick Retired Business Owner
Bookkeeper Judith Saber Retired Business Owner
Secretary Steven Finch Retired US Government
Board Member Faith Coburn US Government Employee
Board Member Lisa Filigenzi-Brown Business Owner
Board Member Darlene Hilgeman Retired
Board Member Gama Leyva Retired Business Owner
Board Member Tony Purifie Ranch Manager

Our Community Partners:

Senior Citizens of Patagonia, Inc

Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center

Patagonia Community United Methodist Church

St Theresa of Lisieux Catholic Church

The Vine Church, Sonoita

Our Grant Funders:

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

OneAZ Credit Union

United Way of Santa Cruz County

South32 Hermosa Community Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona